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Death Penalty, Killing Innocence BY dita1217 Good Morning, Your honor, Chief Justice, Opposing Counsel – May it please the court. My name is and I will be addressing the 8th Amendment rights of the people against Cruel and Unusual Punishments. I stand before you today representing the ENTIRE population of the United States of America. What if I told you, the United States has been killing innocent people? Statistics show that when it comes to the death penalty, there are 2 innocent for every 7 executed!

I am pleading with you, the highest of all the courts – to deem the death penalty unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment. The reason the death penalty is still legal is because we as the people have failed to educate the public, including government officials – of these statistics and truths. We must keep in mind that this is a serious matter; we are dealing with human beings! An error rate has been proven, anything with an error rate; killing innocent people, needs to be killed as an idea!

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Furthermore, if the death penalty is not abolished, it will continue to waste our tax dollars & open the doors for more innocence to be executed! I am well aware of the fact that the death penalty is a touchy subject – our honors, I am going to make your decision easier and clearer! ! The United States of America is the only Westernized and top country that is still in FULL practice of the death penalty – The United States needs to abolish the death penalty and recognize what the other countries have recognized – the Death Penalty is a cruel punishment, dating back to the days of slavery!

Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? According to Dr. Raymond A. Schroth, “To kill the person who has killed someone close to you is simply to continue the cycle of violence, which ultimately destroys the venger as well as the offender” Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? Furthermore, the average cost to keep one inmate in prison for one year is $47 thousand whereas the average cost for a death row inmate is $175 thousand. Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now?

A 2012 study at the “Department of Criminal Justice System” of the United States Death penalty, concluded that defendants with low representation costs were more than twice as likely to receive a death sentence. Making the death penalty not only cruel, but unfair! Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? Let us take a few Pro Death Penalty Countries and how much they spend on death ow… According to the “death penalty information system” since 1978 California has spend over $4 Billion! Also, on only 5 executions, Maryland has spent $186 Million!

Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? According to Washington State Bar Association, death penalty cases that go to trial cost an average of $500 thousand! Others may claim that the death penalty helps keep criminals in line, but that is not deters crime more effectively than long terms of imprisonment. Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? States that have death penalty laws do not have lower crime rates r murder rates than states without such laws. States with the death penalty in fact have HIGHER crime rates.

The death penalty needs to be deemed unconstitutional because it is a cruel and unusual punishment – executing innocent people. Doesn’t the answer seem clearer now? In abolishing the death penalty, within 20 years the United States will save billions of dollars. This money can go to Paying off our national debt, which would bring the American Economy back to the top. Also, the money can go to the education system, which would help America as a whole too! If we do not abolish the death penalty, we ill not only dig a deeper hole of debt but also continue to execute innocent lives.

You will save people from being wrongfully executed… (Slides) … The answer is clear now! Your honors, I have presented evidence and testimony that clearly shows the error rate and waste of money in regards to the death penalty – I ask that you rule in the favor of the people – deeming the death penalty unconstitutional. “[l am] haunted by the demon of error – error in determining guilt and error in determining who among the guilty deserves to die. ” -George Ryan Again my name is … i, Thank you for your time!

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