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We live in a country that accepts the death penalty, the killing of someone when they kill someone. Growing amounts of people believe that the death penalty should be abolished. Conflicting views on the issue make it hard for a person to take a stand. Who gives the government a right to play God It costs more to execute someone that to keep them in prison for life. On the other end of the spectrum the enforcement of the death penalty keeps killers off of the streets forever.

The fear of being put to death for a crime committed would deter the act of the crime. Right The death penalty is morally incorrect. Why do governments kill people to show other people that killing is wrong? penalty, death, someone, life, killing, people, one, execute, time, state, same, right, rape, kill, every, end, crime, costs, cost, case, york, wrong, views, value, united, trial, take, study, streets, states, stand, spent, spectrum, society, slot, sink, since, showed, show, should, set, sentence, resulting, result, put, prison, play, person, percent, parents

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