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The death penalty has been used for centuries all over the world. In biblical times, the “Eye for an Eye” rule was common amongst the people. If one killed someone else, then they in turn would be killed. Keep in mind that these people were very religious and societies back then were more barbaric.

Times have changed so much over the years, and now the humanitarian people are trying to put an end to Capital Punishment. Texas, one of the largest states in the Union, uses the death penalty more than any state in the country. This punishment seems to be more acceptable here than most other places. Texas, however, isn’t the only place in America with capital punishment. There are many arguments for and against capital punishment and those arguments will be represented here. As of 3-31-98, Texas has sent 147 people to their death. Most of these people were killed by lethal injection, while some other states use less humane methods.

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Texas has put more people on death row than the next 4 closest states combined. Texas laws for imparting the death penalty seem to be a lot more liberal than most other states. people, death, texas, penalty, punishment, states, one, person, capitol, violent, very, crime, put, over, feel, crimes, been, killed, injection, reason, laws, keep, eye, costs, because, way, unusual, time, society, small, say, safe, right, religious, percent, passed, pain, made, killing, killers, killer, just, jail, isnt, important, humane, families, criminals, court, cost, compared

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