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A civil society is one where disputes are settled by reasonable means. From this, it can be inferred that violence is excluded from civil society except under emergency or self-
defense conditions.

Capital punishment is completely irrational from the standpoint of a civil society, but are we civil We’ve had thousands of years of human civilization to realize the fact that
governments will, sooner or later, abuse power and that is exactly what is happening. The existence of the death penalty shows there is approval of violence and the taking of life. The
death penalty is an action that reflects on all of society, not just those who initiate it. It’s an action that makes a great number of us feel less than human. The execution of a person
would have to be one of the most despicable acts ever committed by man. It reflects on all of us and is entirely preventable.

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We have to ask the question: Are we supposed to be ruled by reason, or by emotion Irrational behavior by the authorities of society breaks the social contract. If our leaders are
not obliged to behave rationally, then it is implied: no one is obliged to be rational!

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