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Death Penalty for Juveniles Death Penalty for Juveniles:Is it Right In October 1989, a month after turning seventeen, Dwayne Wright went on a violent crime spree that lead to a robbery, attempted rape, and shooting of thirty-three year old Saba Tekle. When caught the next day, Dwayne confessed to the police and was tried in 1991. Before this crime, Dwayne grew up in a poor family and lived in a deprived neighborhood. He was exposed to criminal drug activities along with witnessing habitual gun violence and murder. At the age of four, Dwayne?s father died in prison and his mother suffered from mental illness.

She was often unemployed for extensive amounts of time. At the age of ten, his half-brother was murdered leading to eventual serious emotional problems. Dwayne was treated for major depression with psychotic episodes.

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Not only was his mental capacity evaluated as borderline retarded but his verbal ability was retarded and doctors found signs of organic brain damage. At the sentencing phase of his trial, the defense accepted the court?s nomination of a clinical psychologist to present evidence in mitigation. On death, penalty, juvenile, state, age, should, children, offenders, crimes, crime, usa, time, states, rights, juveniles, execution, executed, dwayne, against, years, violent, under, supreme, sixteen, mental, law, human, even, court, youth, year, world, universal, seventeen, set, sentencing, say, row, response, punishment, protect, oklahoma, offender, october, minimum, itself, goal, family, fact, defendants

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