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Crime in today’s world has become more gruesome with the times. With the crimes comes jail, so more jails are being built for the prisoners. More people are be criminals are being sent to jail and getting the death penalty. Some feel that the death penalty is also a gruesome act of murder. People who commit crimes get what they deserve and if that?s the death penalty they should get it, because they are taking up our space and our time.

Crimes have become a major pollution in this country. If people want to commit crimes so badly they should pay for what they do. Gangs and organized crime have added more to this countries problems. Some people think it is fun or they are deranged. To put it simply, they shouldn?t do the crime if they can’t do the time.

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Even though some people are committing crime and some of them are getting away with it. Today?s law system has many loopholes in it. This is what is putting gangs, drug dealers, and bad people on the streets. Lawyers are key weapons for these type of

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