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The debate over the death penalty continues to confront our society. The proponents of capital punishment believe that the death penalty serves as the ultimate justice and that it will, in the end, deter murderers and promote the sacredness of human life. Opponents of the death penalty view it as harsh, unfair, and contradictory. They see hypocrisy in punishing murder by engaging in murder. They believe that the best remedy is to show respect for human life by not engaging in state-sanctioned killing. In the end, both sides have powerful arguments that support their cases. The anti-death penalty argument, ultimately, is founded on flawed assumptions, because it ultimately trivializes human life by not taking a firm stand on it. This is an imperfect world, and there are no perfect solutions to murder, but the least society can do is take a “zero tolerance” position on the taking of human life.
The proponents of the death penalty argue that it is the only real justice when it comes to dealing with murder.

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