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I am the mother of the young girl who is kidnapped and beaten to death. I am the sister of the woman who is raped, tortured, and murdered. I am the wife of the man who I was forced to watch be viciously slaughtered because he has a different opinion than another person. And I am the one who stands there and watches the man who has killed my family and torn our lives apart live a free life in a prison or even on our streets along with the rest of society. Why do the horribly gruesome criminals of our society get life in prison when they obviously deserve nothing but the death penalty, which we don?t enforce enough The answer is our corrupt and hypocritical judicial system, which allows these animals to live lives of luxury and freedom.

The death penalty is the only way to punish our nation’s most violent criminals. When a prisoner receives “life” in prison, what he is really receiving is 15 years and a chance at parole even earlier if he has good behavior.

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