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How would you feel if you lived by hammurabi‘s code and you stole something and lost your hand therefore keeping you from ever doing that again? This is the same principle as the death penalty but just at a lower level. What if we the states we live in retain the right for the death penalty, where do they go next. To more strict measures on punishment like those enforced in Hammurabi’s time.

I thought this nation was developing nation striving to be the best in the world, I think we should be above the code of “an eye for an eye.” This code I believe is an inhumane and an infantile way to run the justice system. Isn’t the point of the penalty system to rehabilitate someone for their actions, but if you just go and kill that person nothing about rehabilitation is be accomplished. I believe they should limit a murderer?s abilities while in prison. They should be put to work and live in more strict conditions.

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Remember the point of the penalty system is to rehabilitate, the convict should regret having ever commited the crime. death, penalty, should, believe, put, one, think, man, because, actions, prison, person, nation, killed, just, family, another, about, way, time, system, suffer, stated, reason, rather, pro-death, live, innocent, code, accused, yourself, wrong, wish, wife, talk, sure, strict, states, someone, same, run, right, remainder, rehabilitate, reasons, point, passed, oppose, morally, made

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