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Death Matt Gayre10/30/01English 191DeathWhen I was young, I heard about death, but never really understood it. It was a hard concept for me to grasp. The true meaning was kept from me. Violence and death were portrayed all the time, everywhere I looked, but in a fantasy-like way. My grandfathers passing brought me to understand what death really meant and what accompanied it.

Seeing him go through so many changes before his death made me understand it was a horrible and grueling experience for everyone involved. Understanding the concept of life and death was a major step in my coming of age.For the first four years of my life the only person that took care of me, other than my parents, was my grandfather, Paw Paw. He was a caring and nurturing man who was always there when I needed him.

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A large man, who could always strike up laughter, he reminded many of the comedian Jackie Gleason. Paw Paw was the ?Candyman,? always having pudding and sweets for me. He said he liked them so much. When he was younger, he could only have graham crackers and milk after paw, death, understand, time, man, life, grandfather, father, years, hospital, always, understood, sweets, never, much, major, leg, hard, go, die, deal, care, because, around, about, young, way, visited, unable, tried, through, think, step, stay, seemed, seeing, remembered, really, put, person, paw?s, mother, made, looked, laughter, impacted, illness, hurt, hearing, great

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