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He is known as one of the best suspense authors of all time and many have called him the “Master of suspense”. At a young age he began writing and throughout out the years he has evolved his writing. Religion and supernatural heavily influence his writing. To prove his mastery Of suspension, two Of his best books, “Intensity’ and “Dark Rivers Of the heart” will show the suspense that makes them stand out. However, he has received critics on these books and his writing as a whole. To begin, Dean Ray Kenton was born on July 9, 1945 in Everett, Pennsylvania and is the son of Florence and Raymond Kenton.

Kenton loved to write since he was just a little boy. He wrote his first “books” at age 8. He would write about comic book heroes or elevation characters. He would draw out pictures for his story, put pages together with staples and tape, and sell them to family or friends for a nickel or a dime. But he did not have a happy childhood life. Dean had an abusive father and was regularly beaten and abused, which influenced his later writing. His mother was always there for to stand up to his father’s abasement. But ultimately his mother also received abasement.

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Twice, his father tried to kill Dean with a knife. Because of this abasement, Dean had a tendency of reading books to help him escape the reality he living in and step onto a fantasy world that he could relax in. With his mother’s support; he had the will and determination to have an education in school in order to have a career in writing. His mother died at age of 53. Despite his fathers abasement, over the years he did take care of his father by taking him to the doctor and giving him money. His father died at age 81 in 1990.

He graduated from Sheepishness state college in 1966. While a college senior, he ended up winning the prestigious “Atlantic Monthly Creative writing award” for his short story he wrote called, “Kittens”. That year he married Gerard Cared, whom he had met at in High school. After College, he worked with the Appalachian Poverty Program and as an English teacher at Mechanisms High School from 196 to 1967. His main goal there was to educate and counsel potentially gifted children from poor families. He also sold stories to a magazine company.

In 1 968, he sold his first science fiction novel, Start Quest to Ace publishers. In 1971 , his novella “Beastliest” was nominated for a Hugo award. The following years he would publish more suspense genre books. His success allowed his wife to quit her job and support her husband in his work by handling fan letters and assisting him in is research for writing books. He always debated to himself whether to stick to one specific genre for his books such science fiction, horror, romance but he ultimately decided to go with suspense because those type of books where his best work.

Dean had a difficult life in his early life, but that did not prevent him from doing what he wanted to do and that is to write books. Next of all, Dean Kenton has his unique form of writing just like any other author. He uses a variety of elements such as literary devices, influences, themes, styles, and inspirations to form his suspenseful stories. To begin, Dean writes novels that want to take the minds of readers into a world filled with adventures and suspense but at the same time dealing topics such as technology, time travel, and serial killing.

Ozone’s style uses a lot of imagery because he wants to create a world of invasive aliens, mutations, and other fantasies. An example is that most of his novels contain mutated children or genetically altered animals. He also tends to make situations in his books be based on real life problems so that readers can relate and connect to them. One very common thing found throughout his novels are that the main harassers tend to suffer from horrible diseases or misfortunes but still can enjoy a normal, everyday life. The reason for this is he wants to be unique from the rest of other authors.

He says that main characters from popular books don’t have many flaws and without many flaws it is very difficult for a character to undergo a significant change. He believes a reader should be able to easy the journey of the character’s development because that is an important piece of a book. Another interesting things from Dean, is that when he creates a character for his book, he might model it after himself, his Emily, or people he knows. He wants the characters to be as realistic as possible and adding a real person’s attributes to a fictional book characters helps.

An example of this is that some characters will be children who are going through difficult times and must embrace friendship, love, and faith in order to win. So without a doubt, Dean puts a lot of his personal feelings and life experiences into his novels. Another example of him putting his personal experiences into his books is that they are full of darkness, and sometimes extreme violence (this is a result of his intense childhood). Another unique element in his books is the connection he makes to his personal life. Dean admitted that because of his difficult early life, he didn’t understand the true meaning of love until he met his wife.

So in some of his novels, he recreates this scenario by having the main characters get involved in difficult circumstances and has to learn how trust and love someone. There more additional elements he incorporates in his writing. In his early job as a teacher, he found that research and knowing all facts before creating a novel is the key to making it “Perfect’. So for each book that he writes, he begins tit research in order to find out all possible information on a topic he will include such as a genetic disease/disorder.

In addition themes like fate, destiny, or opportunity is something that moves throughout all of his books. Dean in an interview says that those themes are the way he sees the world. He is a strong believer in faith. He says that every time one learns more, there is still a lot more to learn in life. Him reading science, quantum mechanism molecular biology allows him to express those themes in his novels. It allows him to create this idea within his suspense books, that the world is a place of deep mystery.

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