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Deaf Journal Review Journal Summary For this assignment I have chosen to review the contents of the July/August issue of The N.A.

D. Broadcaster. This newsletter is published in Silver Spring, Maryland by the National Association of the Deaf (N.

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A.D.). The N.A.

D. is an organization that provides the Deaf community with information about Deaf culture and events that may interest the Deaf or hard of hearing. The Broadcaster is a ?Deaf friendly? publication that seems to target only Deaf people or those directly involved in the Deaf community. From the articles and advertisements all the way back to the help wanted page, this newsletter is focused strictly on Deaf interests. The cover story entitled ?The 2000 N.A.D.

Conference,? is about a gathering held by the N.A.D. (annually or bi-annually ?the article didn?t specify) that involves games, the Miss Deaf America Pageant Finals, parties, forums, workshops, and so much more.

The conference was held from July 3rd through July 8th in Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk is a city based on the Atlantic Ocean front, so some of the conference attendants were able to enjoy N.A.D. organized cruises out of the harbor for July 4th activities. A total of 2300 deaf, conference, nad, people, newsletter, involved, culture, very, page, out, letters, july, held, hearing, hard, entitled, community, broadcaster, another, ads, about, two, sign, second, regarding, publication, provides, part, norfolk, law, help, games, friendly, first, events, end, editor, day, attendants, articles, advertisements, activities, basically, years, written, write, workshops, without, within

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