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Deaf Culture, Community, and Hearing People

Deaf culture, community, and hearing people

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As hearing people, we need to respect the Deaf culture and community. In order to do this, a hearing person needs to understand and promote cultural awareness through their community. This will provide a template for personal and social interaction through both the hearing and the Deaf communities. Padden and Humphries created three goals in which the hearing could follow to accept the Deaf community. These goals will aid in the process of the hearing culture respecting and accepting the Deaf culture.
The first goal of Padden and Humpries is to promote the acceptance of Deaf people. Promoting this acceptance will aid in the accomplishment of respecting the Deaf culture. A hearing person must be willing to involve the Deaf person in the their society or community. Some specific things hearing people could do to demonstrate the acceptance of Deaf people is through meta awareness; the hearing people need to be aware of ideas about Deaf people. Instead of segregating the two cultures, society can make leisure activities and places more accommodating to the Deaf person. By this, the hearing society could, for example, include captioning at movie

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