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Dead Beat Dads Dead Beat Dads Dead beat dads are a menace to our society and it is time to take action. These men need to learn to take some responsibility for their actions. Dead beat fathers will no longer be tolerated. There are many ways to rehabilitate these men, and it needs to be done immediately.

A few solutions to this problem are jail, education and exposing these men to the environment that they have forced mothers and children to live in. Dead beat fathers are not only a menace to society they are a hurting many innocent children that have been brought into this world. First, the police must arrest these fathers and put them in jail. This must be done before the child support payments are over two weeks late. This way the children haven?t suffered for along period of time.

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These men should also be picked up either at their place of employment or at a social gathering. What a great way to humiliate these men as they have done to their families! This also would show woman that our society is not going to tolerate this type of behavior. Of course, some men may seem fathers, must, dead, child, beat, children, men, dads, problem, take, support, society, longer, education, two, time, responsibility, required, menace, innocent, father, done, course, been, while, way, type, tolerated, social, rehabilitate, put, program, need, much, life, jail, inflicted, importance, immediately, help, food, financially, families, environment, end, educational, during, due, dad, clothing

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