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Wires Data and Analysis: Discussion: The percentage error that we get for all for parts of the experiment ranges from 0. 611 % to 6. 40%. These possible sources of error were machine malfunctions and human error.

The machine could not have been hooked up correctly or the equipment could not have been up to date. Human error could include writing the values down wrong, misusing the materials, or reading the scale carelessly. To improve the experiment, we can use all digital meters instead of scales and replace the equipment that we use With better and newer ones.For human error, we should pay more attention and carefully set up the equipment. Conclusion: The purpose of this experiment is to set up a circuit in such a way that we can get least error. This experiment gives us the chance to apply the theories that we get from our textbooks and lectures about DC Circuits.

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The percentage errors were reasonable amounts. The percentage errors we got tort all S parts of the experiments, part l, part al(a), part 11(b), part Ill, and part IV are: 5. 20%, 0. 611%, 6. 40%, 5. 11%, and 0. 669% respectively.

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