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Daylighting is a historically
understood topic to be met in any design criteria. From the early days of
Vitruvius, daylight has been discussed as a practice that can invoke ambiance,
atmosphere and emotion to the space. Evolve through time, the research area of
daylight has become a popular topic to be explored as it offer both qualitative
and quantitative benefits. Outline of rules also being aligned in many country
to govern the daylight fenestration as it is a major element in determining
comfort in buildings. Many daylighting guidelines has been outlined at
quantitative level to ensure an ample level of comfort to the end user which
are by means of illuminance, daylight factors or window size. For instance, the
US Green Building council’s LEED-NC 2.2 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental
Design-New Construction) criterion (2005) , a widely adopted standard ,
requires achieving either a minimum glazing factor of 2% or at least 269 lux in
75% of all regularly occupied areas.The Malaysian Standart , MS1525:2007 in
Code of Practice on Energy Efficiency and Use of Renewable Energy for
Non-Residential Buildings has recommended range of daylight factor is 1.0 % to
3.5 % . It is also has being incorporated in Uniform Building by Law Malaysia
to be comply in any building submission. That shows that the basic
consideration of daylight design which is the quantity of daylight has being
aligned but the way in which people perceive the daylighting quality has not
received the same attention as the other topics. Appreciation of daylight may
be differ from each individuals. However ,in a study by Katerina Perperi in
2004, as the codes and standards design criterion of daylighting is met , it
alone cannot ensure a satisfactory daylighting environment. It shows that at
qualitative level , daylighting is subjective as it offers a different quality
to different users. The guidelines covers the area of quantitative value but
the irony is daylight is rather dynamic while electric light is static.   

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