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The addition of a database would allow the finance and accounting department to have omelet control of the data that is published and won’t have to rely on someone updating the sites page.

The problem with having PDP with all of the previous years is that the documents have to be opened individually, thus making comparing data difficult and cumbersome. As specified earlier, modifying data would be problematic with the current setup. There is also very little Structure the way that it comprised at the moment making it challenging to find pertinent information.Another constraint is the information given is a bit vague in its description, having drop down menus to the table would help resolute the problem. Since this is a small business Microsoft Access would be the best fit for the type of changes that need to be implemented. The finance and accounting department should be the only users that have rights to modify the data to aid any confusion that may occur.

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Having a relational database management system (RAIDS) in place puts all of the data into tables, while hiding the complexity of the relational model from he user.The main objectives of the database management system are data availability, data integrity, data security, and data independence. The finance and account department would have full access and only grant access to management.

The scope of the database defines the extent of the design accordingly to operational requirements. The scope of this database is to provide the finance and accounting department with information on the income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.In addition to the scope, it is very important that system boundaries are clearly understood before creating table fields, as adding tables at a later time will be problematic. Boundaries are also imposed by existing hardware and software. Ideally, designers can choose the hardware and software that will best accomplish the system goals.

Software selection is an important aspect of the Systems Development Life Cycle and when allocating boundaries (Coroner, 2013).

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