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While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, the author assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.Any perceived slights of specific persons, peoples or organizations are unintentional. ** With that said… It is VERY possible to generate wealth and make money online. Thousands of people are using these same strategies in this report every single day for their online businesses.

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Use this as your reference guide and come back to it often… And I will see you at the top!C] 2 Table of Contents: Introduction step l: Select Your Niche Step 2: Get Your Domain Name step 3: Set Up Web Hosting Step 4: Set Up Your Capture Page step 5: Load Up Your Transponder Step 6: Noontime Step 7: Generate Traffic to Your Marketing Funnel Conclusion Resources 3 Many people struggle to earn an income online to the point where they believe its too hard, don’t have what it takes or simply give up before putting in a passionate fight with a proven strategy. Internet marketing isn’t for everybody, just like being an entrepreneur isn’t for everybody.But, when you’re putting in an effort without a formula that others have proven to work you’re not only losing money but you’re wasting valuable time as well. What you’re about to discover over the next several pages are PROVEN strategies that I and countless Others have used to generate profits from so you can use and emulate for your own home-based Internet business.

Making money isn’t hard, once you know the exact steps to take then it’s just a matter of getting into action to implement each one.I’m here to serve you s your guide and hopefully provide you with enough of a learning curve so you don’t waste valuable months or even years trying to figure this stuff out. It’s not complicated at all once you learn the systems’ ins and outs, you can tell someone how to do it in person over and over again with enough practice of your own. I’ll also add this… You’ve got to have passion. If you’re not passionate and self- driven enough to see this come into fruition it probably wont happen for you.

But if you adopt a “no-matter-what” attitude then you’re on the right track and one step closer toward reaching your goal(s). So let me ask you this: Are you ready? .. Then let’s get on with it!! 0 201 0 www. Determinativeness. Com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 4 These are the steps to take for creating your foundation: The “Marketing Funnel”.

Your home-based business starts right here…

0 201 0 www. Determinativeness. Corn ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 5 Step 1: In order to make money online, you need to generate sales. And in order to generate sales you need a niche you can sell to.

Selecting a niche your passionate about is great if there’s enough competition in that niche. Competition is a good thing and will tell you several things: 1 . It is a market that people are already buying in (people won’t stick around if something isn’t selling, hence the competition. It’s a good thing). 2. People are already making money in that niche (your job is to ethically find buying customers and bring them into your **marketing funnel).

**Marketing funnel: The funnel you will be setting up with the help of this report that you will drive traffic (and profits) to.A good way to find out if a niche has enough competition to profit from is a site called the Google Towards Keyword Tool: HTTPS://www. Towards. Google.

Com/select/Creditworthiness Enter different keywords and phrases to search and brainstorm for ideas for the niche you want to profit from. Almost anything above 3,000 searches is a good place to start, as long people are buying for those keywords. You can find (or create) a high quality product to promote to the people searching those keep. Words. For example, if you type in “Hot Wheels” you will see there are LOTS of searches for this keyword. 201 0 www. Determinativeness. Com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

6 You’ll also see related terms such as “Hot Wheels Accelerates” “Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt” and “Hot Wheels Monster Trucks,” these are all being arched for very often which means you can potentially create a marketing funnel specifically for those terms. By the way, use to make a living off of buying and selling Hot Wheels. I still collect certain models Of those cars to this day, the majority being motorcycles and muscle cars. L] And no, you don’t have to “buy and sell” to earn profits like I did.Because that’s what affiliate programs are for! A Word about “Market” and “Niche” A niche is a narrowly focused section that is part of a market.

Its basically a specialized area of a large market targeted to a specific group of people. For example, there’s a huge market for “business”. But there isn’t only one type of business. There are businesses specializing in different areas. A few of those areas are: Real Estate Wholesale & Retail Stocks Transportation Manufacturing Construction And even then, each of these can be divided into specialized segments or us abductions of focus.Internet marketing is a “market” in its own right with some of the “niches” being identified as: 0 201 0 WV.

Determinativeness. Com ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 7 Copycatting Social Media Traffic Generation Blobbing Product Creation List Building Affiliate Marketing Each niche in a market will demand certain needs that others won’t. But in the case of Internet marketing, all of these can be combined for massive profits. But also keep in mind that the life-long #1 asset (money-maker) is building your list…

A. K. A. List Building. 8 A domain name is the name for your website.Having your own domain is the most essential part of your online business.

Although it is very possible to generate sales online without One, you’ll be able to rake in more and more profits when you do have one. It’s like buying property on the Internet. My advice: Get at least ONE.

Even two… Or three…

Key Tips When Getting Your Domain Name: ; Keep it easy to remember ; Use only”. Com” if available ; Don’t purchase a name too full of “hype” (non-believable) ; Make it unique ; Use your niche ‘key. Torts’ in the name (if you like) or.

.. Keep it generic You want to keep the name of your site easy to remember for obvious reasons. You want people to remember it so they’ll keep coming back, among other reasons like it staying in their head making it easy for telling others about it.

The trick to making it easy to remember is by not making it hard to say! Simple and easy to spell words work best. The general default word people think of when a website name comes to mind is “. Com”. If “. Com” isn’t available for the domain, I would suggest getting a different one.

Www. EarnAMilIionDoIlarsAMinuteGuaranteed. Mom! – Is HYPE.

People will see right through this. Don’t do it. 9 You can even have fun while researching and coming up with different ideas and names for websites (l know I do). Create enough Of a unique twist on a website name and some people will remember it forever. In every niche there are going to be certain ‘universal’ words everyone in that niche will know. You can use this to your advantage by purchasing a domain with these words in it. Keeping a “generic” domain is a great idea and something you can use for multiple purposes.

For instance, you can temporarily promote material with that domain and a month or year later, change it to something else. Also keep in mind that almost every domain name you come up with will likely be taken already. No sweat! Here’s what you do: Keep coming up with different Kenny. Words and ideas until you’ve found more than enough you can potentially buy. Make a list of all the available domains that you come up with (at least 20, 50 even better, it won’t be hard), pick 1-3 of the best ones and purchase those, or keep brainstorming for more.

You can spend several hours or even days doing this, but in the end it will be well worth it.If you’re in this for the long haul like I am, suggest you get YOUR NAME as a domain name. Not everyone will be able to do this, of course, depending on if it’s already taken.

But I recommend it. You can add elements to your name if it is taken. For example, if your name is John Smith you can probably add “Ask” or “Whole” in front 10 of it. Or you can use something like ‘War. Contaminators.

Com” or “Cinematography’s. Com”. Purchasing Your Domain Name: When I started out in Internet marketing only knew one place to buy domains, and that was Goddard.I’ve continued purchasing domains from this company but this isn’t the only place to get a domain. Many Internet marketers praise Namespace as well. You will see a form on either of these sites that will allow you to search for available domains.

That’s what you’ll use to see if any domain names are available. And if they are, write them down and keep brainstorming for more until you’ve found the right one to use. Here’s an example Of the form from Goddard: 11 After you’ve found and purchased your domain name it’s time to find reliable hosting.Web hosting is what you’ll use to keep and arrange every one of your web pages only nine.

With one domain and web hosting, specifically the one I’m recommending below, you can create an avalanche of content to do what you wish, including making boatloads of money. You can set up a blob on a domain, then set up sub-domains of different pages on that domain, then create categories of different pages with all the content and offers that you want on them, and then even create PDF reports eke this one so anyone can read them.There’s an incredible amount of things you can do with a domain, and all Of the things above (and more) are possible with the right web hosting. The web hosting I recommend is Hesitator. Hesitator has a competitive edge over many other web hosts which why highly recommend them. First off, avis cheap. They start as low as $4. 95 a month.

Recommend subscribing to the “baby crock” version which is somewhere around $7. 95 a month. Second, you can host UNLIMITED domains with one account. Third, they provide more than enough bandwidth. Matter of fact, they provide n UNLIMITED amount of bandwidth.This is fantastic because your site won’t “crash” when you send a lot of people to it! Fourth, they provide 24-hour technical support if you’ve got any problems or need some help.

12 Fifth, most web hosts don’t even compare to what Hesitator offers at these prices. Once you’ve got your Hesitator account set up you will get an email with two very important pieces of information. These will be your Messengers, which will look similar to this: INS 01 . HESITATOR. COM INS HESITATOR. COM The numbers in the messengers above will be different from yours.Remember or jot down these numbers from your email and go into your Goddard Domain Manager (or whichever domain registry you chose to purchase from) and look for an option titled “Messengers”.

There will be a tab or button to open for you to place your two unique messengers, once you do this your web hosting will be live and good to go! After you set this up you will then create your capture page to start building your #1 asset online: Your LIST. Here’s how to set that up. Scroll down…

13 step 4: Capture page, also known as a Squeeze page, landing page, gateway page,If this is the first you’ve heard of these terms and have no idea what they are, you’ve most likely seen them in action before…

Just go to http:// www. Oversimplifications. Com Look familiar? It should. That’s the capture page I created for you to sign up to grab this report you’re now reading! Now that you’ve signed up to grab the free report, you are now on my list of contacts I can communicate with and offer my value and messages to so I can help you grow your business.

This is exactly how you build your list. Offer something Of value in your niche in exchange for an email address.The single most important goal of your capture page is to bring about one action for all your visitors to take and that is: … To SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR LIST.

That is it. Period. Realistically, not every single person who lands on your capture page is going to sign up. That’s fine because you only want subscribers to sign up that are interested in what you have to offer navy. And the more subscribers you acquire, the better. There’s a saying in the Internet marketing world that goes like this: 14 “The Fortune Is In The Follow Up”.

And, “The Money Is In The List”. And you know what? They’re right!Time and time again you will hear from novice Internet marketers who’ve built a sizeable list all the way to the TOP marketing “gurus” that the majority of money being made for them is by growing their subscriber list! And how do they do that? By capturing peoples’ names and email addresses on a capture page or sign-up form on their website. Here’s How to Create Your Own Capture Page from Scratch: Now I’ve heard from many top marketers that, a great way to create your capture page are through programs like Dream Weaver and Front Page. The only problem with these programs, last I heard, is you have to pay for hem to get them.

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