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Dangerous Game Dangerous game.

Case description Jose Rabadan was a solitary child who lived in Murcia, a small region of Spain. Apparently, Jose was a normal boy of 13 years old who went to the school and played with his neighbors and family. His family and friends realized that Jose was a little isolated and sad, but they did not think that it was important.

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One day, the Jose??¦s parents gave him a Play Station. They thought that it would be very funny for him. Jose showed a big happiness and emotion. At first, he played everyday but not many hours. He invited to his friends and he played with them.

Day by day, The play Station began to be the most important thing for him. He begin to failed in the school and to have conflicts with his classmates. Teachers called his parents in order to explain them the problem, but they thought that it would be temporal. He stop to go out with his friends spending the whole day playing to the Play Station. Their family did not see anything weird in that and they decided not tell him nothing.

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