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Personal Statement I am a highly motivated, articulate self-starter, with extensive problem solving abilities, which willingly takes ownership of issues and assignments. I am a well-organized individual who enjoys a challenge and learning new skills and have experience working on my own initiative.

I have been recognized to work under pressure and prioritise to meet tight deadlines and manage conflicting demands. I am always willing to learn more from others and one of my strongest attributes is to undertake several tasks concurrently Education Current • Ilex Level 3& 4. Evening/Part Time Distance Learning.A/S Level 2005-2006 – Hastingsbury Community College, Kempston • English Language : Grade C • Psychology: Grade C • Law: Grade C GCSE 2003-2005 – Hastingsbury Upper School, Kempston • 9 A-C Grades KEY SKILLS Strong written and verbal communication skills Competence in Word, Excel, Access Highly developed inter-personal skills, Good administration and clerical skills Ability to manage and motivate new employees Windows Packages: Microsoft Office including FrontPage, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Acrobat, Microsoft Project. Employment Bassi Associates Ltd April 2009 – April 2010 – Project CoordinatorMy employment began at Bassi Associates as a project coordinator, to provide day-to-day support to the Project Manager and team. It also evolved into a job role that included: ? Continuous contact with customers and stakeholders. ? Paying attention to details such as meeting contracts and research analysis.

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? Identifying the needs of stakeholders and insuring that data passed on was accurate and up-to date. Prioritizing tasks and deliverables to insure efficient progression. ? Organizing and supporting, meetings, seminars and workshops for the central and regional teams.Following up and closure of action points.

? Ensuring that all agendas, for meetings and seminars were produced and circulated on time. ? Providing support in preparing and updating project report, business cases. Insuring all key deliverables is met.

? Monitoring and adapting the risk register. ? Process Monitoring the progress and insuring the project timeline was up to date. ? Reporting progress and risks to the Project manager. ? Monitoring budgets. ? Liaising with Research and Marketing departments, insuring shared data. ? Coordinating and booking training workshops.The Business Case and therefore the project were successful.

I have gained vast amounts of experience from this project. Walter & Jones Construction January 2007- March 2009 – Project Administrator My employment at Walter & Jones primarily was to provide administrative support to the Project team, construction team and supporting departments. The project was Phase one of the Olympic Park. The job role also included: • Providing high level of communication including regular interaction with suppliers and contractors. ? Maintaining a good rapport with all departments involved at the site. Dealing with contractor and site queries including security departments. ? Booking and setting meetings, taking minutes and forwarding minutes from the meetings.

? Following up and closure of action points. Ensuing all tasks and meetings were run. ? Entering and collaborating all data into a designed system, allowing for cross-referencing by other work streams. ? Dealing with Travel arrangements for the delegation. ? Documentation control and file archiving. ? Insuring Accommodation for the team was booked. ? Insure all Health and safety procedures were followed.After the handover to another contractor, I made the decision to look for new employment to further my career development as this project had now been completed successfully.

Comet Plc September 2006 – January 2007 Sales Advisor My role in this employment was to sell electrical products to members of the public working to Comet’s ethos of giving accurate and unbiased information. My specialty was high value electronic sales. The job role included: • Working to reach specific targets • Working with the customer to find the best product within a set budget. • Dealing with customer queries and resolving customer complaints. Time keeping, Health and safety – fire • Working on own initiative and as a team.

Having set individual targets but also Store targets. • Following set procedures and processes such as credit agreements. I thoroughly enjoyed the invigorating experience of working within a sales department. I gained an insight into how to unify and become a team in order to succeed on a nationwide level. Mission Statement To become the best in every field I enter. To have no limits with any ambitions I hold.

To be truthful and always give everything I withhold in every task which is presented to me. References Available upon request.

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