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Culture Of Africa 1) Modern humans originated in Africa after millions of years of biological evolution. One important component for the success of the human species has been its capacity to create and use culture. Africa, therefore, has witnessed tremendous cultural diversity and cultural innovation over the very long period people have inhabited this continent.Focus on the similarities and differences among the African cultures.

Fist, define the culture concept. Then, using your definition of culture, compare and contrast cultural features that illustrate the existence of widely shared aspects of African culture throughout the continent, as well as differences in socio-cultural features that illustrate the diversity of African cultures on the continent. Question # 1 ResponseCulture is a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts which members of society (in this instance Africa) use to cope with the world and with african, africa, tribe, africans, european, culture, labor, economic, colonial, been, cultural, through, term, significant, religions, religion, political, exploitation, way, resources, large, differences, colonies, within, western, people, one, generation, diversity, countries, contact, world, throughout, religious, over

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