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Cultural Differences In Parenting Cultural Differences in ParentingRaising a child can be very difficult and it seems that parents, caregivers and siblings alike sometimes forget that children need to learn how to become adults from us and our examples. That they are not just little adults needing redirection. In my opinion, there are certain characteristics a devoted parent should have. Parental expectations vary from culture to culture, and whether a person belongs to a majority or minority ethnic group, there are variations between and within the groups.

Culture usually applies to patterns of behavior that are linked to characteristics among the groups including origin, physical appearance, family structure and gender roles. However I still believe there are fundamental parallels between all cultural backgrounds. For instance, being a good example is part of what I consider to be a crucial part of parenting. Amongst some Asian families, the older children will be expected to take on responsibility for their younger siblings.

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This is why it is absolutely imperative that we not only hold ourselves up to be acknowledged for personal gain, but for the enhanced experience children get under our influence. Yet again, in Western cultural context, this scenario could children, child, love, things, parents, family, being, responsibility, part, parenting, cultural, believe, always, through, structure, one, older, important, however, groups, good, example, differences, culture, consider, between, yourself, younger, world, wives, wit, way, very, upbringing, type

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