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Cultur Shock in America Culture Shock in America In America, the dominant culture is that of the WASP (Whit Anglo Saxon Protestant).

I personally fit into none of these categories; thus, I am part of an Indian-American subculture. Many cultures come to America to experience freedom. What many fail to realize is that with freedom comes many other adaptations to the American way of life. American society does not meet all of everyone?s cultural expectations. Some foreigners come to America and fit right in, while others develop a counterculture. Houston is one of the biggest cities in the United States. It is so culturally diverse that you could walk down the street, got to the movies, go shopping, and go to the bank and hear six different languages in one day.

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These people hold a strong hold on their native cultures while living in a foreign land. On the other hand, you could walk down the street, go to the movies, go shopping, and to the bank and see people of subcultures walking and talking like the average WASP culture shock is ?the feeling of disorientation tat can occur when one encounters a new or rapidly culture, new, one, way, people, language, foreigners, cultural, aure, women, united, states, society, go, dress, dominant, american, america, while, time, shock, person, face, difficult, come, because, adapting, adapt, very, subcultures, life, learning, issue, going, foods, experience, example, ethnocentrism, different, develop, cultures, america?s, years, wear, wasp, walk, traditional, things, talk, street

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