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Lab Report Theory/illumination The purpose of this lab is to understand the concept of purification through crystallization. Crystallization is the process of purifying a substance, with the most adequate solvent. The process of crystallization came to be based on the principle of solubility. First, we must choose a solvent. The solvent is crucial to crystallization because it’s what will allow impurities to dissolve. Therefore, when selecting a solvent it is important that it does not cause a chemical or flammable action to the substance.

Then, we continue with the process until the solution is ready to be filtered using the Boucher funnel. During filtration the pure substance will completely separate from the impure substances completing our experiment. Procedures As stated above, first choose a solvent, for this particular experiment we will be using solvent H2O. Using a hot plate bring to a boil 0. 5 g of impure Benzene Acid and about ml of the H2O, if Benzene Acid has not dissolved continue adding small portions of H2O.

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Once completely dissolved place the flask in an ice bucket to cool the solution, you should see white crystals forming. We must then separate the crystals from the liquid by doing a vacuum filtration using Boucher funnel. With cold H2O wash the crystals, dry with filter paper, and weight the crystals to find percent yield. Observation/ Result During the process, benzene acid was slightly soluble in water; crystal substance on top of water. Completely dissolved in heat bath.

Ones it was completely dissolved, and after the vacuum, the pure benzene acid start to appear on top of the filtration paper with a pearl color. At the end of the ice bath the benzene acid start the rationalizations. The purified and end product of the experiment was . 20 grams of pure benzene acid. Finally, the percentage recovered and purified benzene acid was 40%. Based on this fallowing calculation . 20 grams of benzene acid multiplied by 100 and then divided by . Grams of impure benzene acid. Conclusion Based on observation in this experiment, water (H2O) work perfect as a solvent for the rationalizing of benzene acid, and is because the best solvent for rationalizing anything is one in which the compound is not soluble in the cold solvent but soluble in the hot solvent. A more polar solvent would fit this a lot better.

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