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Crossing the Chasm is split into two individual sections.  The first describes what creates the chasm within the tech market, and other informs you about way to overcome it. The Technology Adoption Life Cycle describes the market dynamics that create the chasm. Its diagram presents us with five separate phases of segregation that come about when new and innovative products are introduced into a community.  The first two phases support each other and create what is classified as an early market for the disruptive innovation based on the traction of its competitive advantage by being the first to innovate. The last two phases support one another by staying distant from innovation and identifying all of its shortcomings. The middle phase has the most influence. They make buying decisions based on other groups of customers from different phases of the life cycle. This group wants their decisions confirmed by others in terms of what and when and who they purchase from. Until the market gives them a clear sign, they will delay any commitment to the product. Thus the gap is made by visionaries going early and pragmatists hanging back. To cross the gap, sponsors of the riotous innovation have to be compelled to do two things. First, they have to target a set of the overall pragmatist population who have a very good reason to buy in early, generally as a result of them being saddled with an issue that cannot be resolved by any typical means that. commonly these issues are segment-specific, lacking the market size to draw in attention from the incumbent vendors. Pragmatists in these niches are conversing with one another about the downsides, actively trying to find relief, and support piloting unconventional solutions. Once such a phase has been targeted, the second key plan of action is to outline and deliver the entire resolution, or the full product. commonly this involves grouping a syndicate of product and repair suppliers and orchestrating a segment-specific effort to convert the primary few “pragmatists in pain.” If the full product holds up and the matter is genuinely addressed , then the message goes out via spoken word to the remainder of the group, and there’s a minor stampede hop on the new bandwagon. That new flow of business comparatively has a low price of sales and high margins and is, by itself, commonly enough to product vendor a going concern.

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