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The research article was under the heath feature and the topic was on the prostrate gland diseases, which is usually referred to as ‘A mans nemesis ‘the study designs was mainly applied for the male Population ranging from 10 years -80years of all races .

the study design was good and articulate because it was able to show the people who are at risk of getting this disease problem the objective of the study was to show and enlighten the males and female readers about prostrate diseases i. e. What prostrate gland is, it is important and the prevention of the diseases.The literature used in the article is satisfactory and easy to understand because they used a common language to describe where the prostrate gland is located i. e. the prostrate gland is located under the male urinary bladder sitting like a small pot caring a big pot. The small pot is the prostrate and the big one is the urinary bladder . The article never differentiated between the sperm and semen especially for the old year old .

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use of diagram to show the position of the gland, would have been a bonus point.The population used for sampling was both rural system populations together with the male who work in both white collar and blue collar job, which is comprehensive way to do the research, to show which group mainly gets this disease. The measurements of the sample were also done well, this is because it got data from all public and private hospitals with a urologist department, hence the statistics was easy to be collected. The samples collection started from 1980-2006 and the research was able to show there is an increase yearly i. e. for every 20 males 2 have problem with their prostrate.The method used to collect data was through normal questionnaires used especially healthy insurance pertaining prostrate diseases and numbers of patients who consult the urologists.

This method of collecting data is not very sufficient, because it neglects male patients who don’t consult urologists and also not all health insurance companies don’t release the medical questionnaire of their clients. The analysis done was excellence with no limitations because it was able to show the age group that mainly get this disease, also was able to show the old age contributes to heavily on the on set of the disease .the certain lifestyle of males e. g. smoking drinking gene abnormalities and lack of exercise, stimulate the on set of the disease. Analysis was able to cover all areas, hence was excellent. The research conclusion was good, because it was able to cover the main question of • What a prostrate is and does. Problems that a raise from malfunction of prostrate gland Hence the condition showed the research was compressive and commendable.

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