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 I am writing an review
article on the subject of “Techniques
of Remote Sensing and GIS for flood monitoring and damage assessment: A case
study of Sindh province, Pakistan “, written by the Mateeul Haq,
Memon Akhtar, Sher Muhammad, Siddiqi Paras and Jillani Rehmatullah. The topic
of the journal does not suits as it may not includes any software and just
requires the MODIS images. The abstract is not covering the methodology section.
The topic of the journal is of great importance that is Flood damage
assessment, it causes a lot of problems associated with rehabilitation, food
insecurity due to crop failure. The material of the data is enough to tell
about the complete story of the assessment process.

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the monsoon period, a natural disaster known as flood is causing too much
destruction for the entire country since 1928. The journal includes the years
of the main damages that occur due to flood. The Indus River claimed more than
7000 population, and 7.7 million acres of land that was affected due to the
flood. The focused flood starts from the august and ends in September, causing
the inundation canals to be over flow. The flood causes economic loss, food
related issued and starving population. Now we can use GIS and RS to evaluate
the destruction of the flood. The rapid evaluation may assists us to solve all
the problems related to flood.

The journal covers the
area of 140915 km2 of Sindh province that receives the
southern monsoon and retreating monsoon. The maps are used having distinct
boundaries that elaborates the boundaries of lakes, rivers, mountains, roads
and railway tracks etc. The main myth of the reviewing the article is to find
the rapid evaluation for flood management and to assess the damages. There are
many terms like MODIS is not understandable for the common reader so it must be
clear. Only abbreviation is not enough. The Usage of ArcGIC and RS is not that
easy, so journal demands a man too who have expertise in these softwares. The
most of the problems in cities of Sindh province show variation in the tabular
form to compare the results for the damage.


The images are
processed by the NASA and  the satellite
images are intersected with the shape file to form classification, flooded area
extraction, and to find the affected area, affected agriculture, affected roads
and affected forests that causes loss in biodiversity.


and results:

are details of damages associated with the different parameters. The area is a major
concern here.

Badin have 3820.39 km2
damaged area, whereas

Mirpurkhas has an area
of 1836.26 km2

 Jacobabad covered damaged area of 1352.32 km2

Shahdadkot was damaged
by the area of 1597.50 km2

Dadu by 1887.57 km2

 and Sanghar with an area of 2494.18 km2
overall. There were damages to 5.88 million people, 5329 settlements and a
large network of the roads were also affected. At the end only a few references
are given that are insufficient for the proper knowledge.

The work reported was
carried out for the National Disaster Management Authority, Pakistan and Sindh
Irrigation Department, Pakistan.

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