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Critical Evaluation of a Research Article Leonor Mora University of Phoenix Abstract The purpose of this paper is to do a critical evaluation of the research article “Using to Predict Team Performance in the Work Place. ” This is a study to evaluate the high performance of individuals working in teams. The study samples 129 cadets of a military college divided into 29 squads. I would do an evaluation to find if the study has a clear notion of the problem, would analyze if the study has a purpose, and if it has significance.

According to researchers, sociometric can provide an alternative to other methods, and this can be studied through the use of working team. I would analyze if through the use of a sociometric questionnaire the researchers find relevant information and what kind of information. Also would evaluate if any questions arouse and if those questions are reasonable in correlation with the study. Trough this evaluation I would identify the type of research method use to conduct the study, if it contains any bias, if there is a discussion about validity, and reliability.

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I also would also identify if there is enough information on the procedure, the type of statistical test use to conduct the study, if any, and if the discoveries be discussed in terms of their applications and practical significance. Critical Evaluation of a Research Article The research study presents an evaluation done with the use of sociometric, to analyze the behavior of employees as a team.

The researched suggest that the trends use by employers, such as the increasing use of quality circles, autonomous work groups, team groups, and management, are becoming more pervasive that this is vital to stay competitive and productive in the workforce. The researchers study the performance of employees, such as performance, involvement, and quality, this last one as the most important point when working as a team. The research questions presented are reasonable, because every work place should be looking into main factors that affect productivity and quality, to stay in he market, to survive as a company, and for employees to have job security. The study use was conduct by using the Campbell-Hallam team diagnostic survey and sociometric questionnaire. The survey was administered to a 129 cadets in military school during one of the science class. They were asked to answer openly, freely and were ensure that will be kept confidential. The cadets were between the ages of 18 and 21 of those, 121 were males, and eight females.

Most of the participants were freshman and some sophomores (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The data collected was analyzed by a computerized sociometric program. Sociometric was measure using a formula based on network analysis, and a metric was use to compare teams (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The participant cadets were providing a sociometric questionnaire; they would have to decide the top choices for whom to be associated within four different scenarios. The researchers use cohesion, satisfaction, and effectiveness.

The respondents are asked how much they agree with the statements, if the teams understand the mission assign, if the team is meeting its objective, and also are rate on the performance as a squad (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The cadets were administered a unit subscale that contains six items to measure if the members like each other, if they feel comfortable being around each other as a group, if they are satisfy or happy to be part of the team (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) One measure to test the hypothesis used a series of military exercises known as squad progress, which involves 80 different programs, from drill-related tasks, arms, and personal appearance, on which the cadets are held responsible. The programs were rate from one to three, and the squad was give an overall score. Each squad member is held accountable for the team performance (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The squads were also measure on flag duty, which is the ceremonial of raising, lowering, and folding the flag.

Each of the elements was rate satisfactory or unsatisfactory (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) I should say that a study needed to be conducted on a team performance and what a best choice than a military sample. Military has the strictest form of evaluating stuff and especially cadet’s performance as a team. Working together is essential to complete assignments within the military. For this reason this is the control group of the research, which is a very appropriate group, with an appropriate number of participants. A discussion arouses about whether or not sociometric is a measure of cohesion, to which there was not an agreement during the first hypothesis because there was not a significant effect with the sample, leaving to question validity and the sample use.

Satisfaction made this hypothesis valid, according to the responses because members of the squads were more tend to bring the same members in if they were agreeing on the tasks performed, the ability to complete those tasks, and how the tam function together (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The discoveries lead researches to believe that this study can help create more content teams and probably a more effective workforce within organizations. This sociometric study also revealed why the team of squads work together but did not revealed why some teams perform better than others. I found enough information with this study that would help me replicate. Some of that information is that I can form teams within same organization, which is convenient, that it is actually dangerous for the organization, to form teams with outside members.

Also that to work as team there has to be some common ground between the participants, communication, and willingness to do what is best for the organization. I think this is essential to keep workforce moving forward and at the same time to gain benefit. The research presents some statistical test, which is done within the military, the cadets, and organizational workforce. To do this type of surveys I believe that the testing was appropriate that the survey contained enough questions, which the answers to those questions were sufficient and that based on all that, researchers could make a good conclusion. The research also presents a table containing a regression statistic for each criterion variable predicted by overall sociometric density.

The table presents a sociogram of a five-person group, evaluating the performance subscale, squad progress, and flag duty (Lucius & Kuhnert, 1996) The conclusion in this research concluded that teams are becoming more popular in organizations that continually striving to provide quality and compete at a global level. The research was done in an attempt to find evidence of how team would work better, to find tools that would help them perform better, and more effectively. The researchers also concluded that sociometric is a valuable tool for organizations as they keep welcoming the teamwork programs. This research found that sociometrically dense teams are satisfy with relation and for that reason are more productive. The researchers are not quite sure that this study over generalized because is hard to do studies like this, on a wide range of organizations. Selecting a sample from each organization would be impossible.

The researchers have some bias because they compare only one group of working individuals, on a specific area, instead of selecting a variety of individuals and organizations. After that; they were comparing working individuals on a team, they could easily have conducted the research, at the same time, with a separate group, and following the same procedures. I know that the selection of a sample without bias has to be done equally to be equally represented, and for this study the sample was not a good representation of organizations working with teams. I believe the study did not measure the issue of the outcome and only concentrated on a group.

The discoveries of this research are clearly present with implications and significance, because researchers find that sociometric applies more as internal technique with existing employees because the members are familiar with the job, and can make a choice with each other. Sociometric is a useful diagnostic for organizations that already work as teams and also for those that want to convert into teams. Trough the reading of this study I found important information about team work in organizations, the perspective of working in a team, and that would be a great deal if every organization could have the capabilities of putting programs like this in place. I believe it would help individuals performance, the growth of those organizations, and most important the growth of those individuals. I can reflect myself learning from a team work.

I love to work as a team during my ground classes because it helps me in so many ways. I can proudly say that I have grown so much, my confidence level is better, and my public speech rose to the top because of the team work. At the present time I have the confidence of asking for help, instead of being afraid, of been embarrassed of my own ignorance, and of being criticize. Reference Lucius, R. H. , & Kuhnert, K. W. (1996). USING SOCIOMETRIC TO PREDICT TEAM PERFORMANCE ON THE WORKPLACE (4th ed. ). Retrieved from http://web. ebscohost. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/ehost/detail? sid=a376373d-8e4c-47d5-90e8-b4679115d422%40sessionmgr13&vid=1&hid=7&bdata=JnNpd

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