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Criminal case When dealing with a case loads that has doubled to the point o the staff being not able to handle it, it could arise many of problem in not Just the criminal division but in all aspect and areas of the courts. Having fifty employees under the active administrator for the court may sound like a lot, however it can be depending on the size of the court and the work load that is given in the courthouse on the daily basis.

Having a double in a workload can make many issues arise in the court when dealing with criminal cases, because it is taking too long to reach final disposition. What normally takes one month has almost doubled in time making everything build up and the more time it takes to get to that point, the more money it ‘s going to be for not the lawyers, but also for both parties (plaintiff and defendant).

With only two judges things are going to take time and the process of the filling paperwork is going o be in abundance for the Judges and the clerks. What can also cause another conflict is, if there is going to two Judges hearing criminal cases and at the end of the one month period, what will happen when one of the Judges doesn’t get done and reach their deposition until three months ? Meaning one of the criminal case Judges is going to have to wait for two month in order to rotate onto the criminal bench, which can cause a major situation?

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By having such a massive work load there are ongoing to be many tempers flaring in the criminal case proceeding because they feel the process is taking too long. Nonetheless, some and/or maybe both parties will get tired and wonder why the dragging out for so long is. As time goes on there is going to have to be another way to handle the workload as well as making sure things run at respectable time frame before things get so backed up, to the point of hiring more staff to make things go a little faster and easier.

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