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Creativity Self-Analysis Paper Gwendolyn M. Riley University of Phoenix HUM / 266 Creativity is a talent and a gift we are born with in the absence of severe cognitive deficits.

I believe that there are two fundamental ways of expressing creativity: One is the actual use of imagination, inventing, experimenting with ideas born out of imagination, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes; learning from mistakes and having fun.The other way is to create an environment in which others can freely express their creative energies and I in turn, learn from their experiences. My creativity is demonstrated best when I am faced with tasks, duties and responsibilities associated with work, family, school and nurturing my friendships.

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When I have to achieve a particular task, I tap into my creative self by first brainstorming ideas with myself or with others. Secondly, I tend to write down the various ideas generated from my imagination, past knowledge, as well as the ideas of others.Thirdly, I tend to conduct research to search for supporting evidence or factors and finally, I proceed with experimentation of selected ideas to create and fulfill the aforementioned tasks. Recognizing creativity in others is structured by my belief that creativity is a natural, widely distributed characteristic of the human experience. This is identifiable in others who demonstrate the ability to find different answers verses focusing only on trying to find the one “right answer”.

In addition, creativity in others is identified by logical thinking grounded in the appreciation of alternative perspectives; and not being afraid of breaking the rules, having fun, and making mistakes. The main difference that exists between myself and a creative genius like Walt Disney is that he used his imagination to transform the world of entertainment by using technology to bridge the gap between the past and the future. My creative force is used to achieve my goals and aspiration on a much smaller scale, giving my very best to my job, family and friends.

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