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Crazy In The Streets Term Paper: Crazy in the Streets There is a difference when you are homeless because you?re bankrupt, you have no job, no where to look to, and because everyone that you have known has abandoned you, and homeless, simply because you have a psychotic illness that cannot be controlled and has to be treated because the illness could be a threat to your life or to the people that come in contact with you.

The difference between these two types of homeless people is that one type has a choice and the other doesn?t. The homeless person that is bankrupt and has no job can always turn his life around and try to start from somewhere to get his life back in control, but what the homeless person with the psychotic illness do Obviously they can?t just say, Ok I?m all better now, let me get my life back together, no, they would need some serious psychiatric treatment to turn their life around. But how do they come to the conclusion that they need psychiatric treatment Or better yet why is this person who has a serious psychotic illness living on the streets without any supervision The answer mentally, ill, people, really, streets, state, deinstitutionalization, homeless, because, treatment, patients, life, idea, hospitals, freedom, about, mental, good, without, treated, movement, living, illness, concept, whole, though, person, now, never, make, first, even, deinstituionalization, came, better

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