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Courage to Exceed Ourselves The Courage to Exceed OurselvesIf you give a child a book but do not teach them to read will the child understand the story If only half of a lesson is presented to a child, the full picture is unattainable. There are many personality types and a varity of role models available to children today, to choose right from wrong is often difficult. In our society there are adults who are blind of the truth by choice, they take only the facts that are attractive to them and form a canon or belief that is not justified. Then, pass along their opinions to the children in their midst as if it were truth.

Most religions, governments, and families are attempting to achieve, on a basic level, the same goal, but are using to many different approaches. This behavior can be observed throughout time in any country from daily family life to government policies, laws, and in the separation of religious beliefs or practices. For example: a child born to a Mormon family raised with heavy influence by the church could have easily been born into a Catholic family and raised within the influence of children, marnus, child, knowledge, world, values, teach, one, miltary, each, different, beliefs, within, understand, truth, society, role, raised, picture, mistakes, life, learn, individual, future, father, family, exceed, church, catholic, born, another, unknown, understanding, taught, take, story, stand, seek, same, represented, religious, reason, outside, ourselves, order, opinions, often, novel, need, mormon

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