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Couch Potatoes Couch Potatoes The television has become one of the most important possessions any American could own. Almost every family household in all of America especially in the United States has at least one television. This means people around the world are spending time being lazy sitting in front of the television doing nothing but watching and eating.

Television watchers can be classified in many ways: by the different types of shows they watch or by the amount of time a person watches the television a week, but this seems too general to classify a couch potato. The four major categories of the couch potatoes are ranked on a combination of leisure or free time spent watching, intensity of watching, and the desire to watch verses the desire to engage in other non-watching activities. First, there is the ever so true couch potato. couch, tv, television, potato, people, potatoes, true, time, watch, one, watching, turn, off, front, day, activities, while, something, show, room, four, farley, don?t, doing, around, anything, america, without, week, ways, watches, watchers, turning, try

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