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Corporate Memo BY Djwyldl Ernest Cruz ENG/221 November 22, 2013 Marcia Rodriguez Memo To: Management From: Ernest Cruz Date: November 22, 2013 Subject: Web Conferencing Options After extensive research I have come up with three different options for Web Conferencing and their abilities that will prove useful to our organization. First I would like to introduce our first option wmw. gomeeting. com, the second would be Microsoft Office 365, and last but not least is Global Meet. This would first initially start with a computer or mobile device such as an IPhone, IPad or Android device.

Then you will launch your go meeting software, which will be in the form of an app or actual software downloaded, on your computer/laptop. You will be able to invite people to Join your web conference by email, phone or instant messenger. After signing in to the conference you will be able to turn webcams on for added communication, this will give the conference more in the event that it will give facial expressions or body language that will increase more cooperation. With cooperation come better outcomes in our conferences.

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You also have the ability to share your creen for example you have graphs or charts of information that you would like to share with the audience you can share your screen and others can share there screens. Although all of the web conferencing programs are the same when it comes to the way they function, and all their abilitys. The only draw back is there prices. All of them come with a 30 day free trial but there prices may vary, GoMeeting. com for 5 to 25 attendees is $19 a month or $182/year and 100 to 1000 attendees is $99 a month or $948/year. Office 365 offers from 1 to 25 users is a fee of $12. 0 a month or 1 50/year or from 25 to 300 attendees the fee is $15 a month with an annual commitment. Lastly Global meet is a pay as you go by purchasing minutes and has extra fees associated with it. I choose Microsoft Office 365 because it will cost less and gives us all the same capabilities as the other conference software. Citrix Online LLC. (2013). GoToMeeting. Retrieved from http://www. gotomeeting. com/ online/web-conferencing-comparison MICROSOFT CORPORATION. (2013). Microsoft Office. Retrieved from http://offce. microsoft. com/en-us/business/compare-offce-365- for-business-plans-FX102918419. aspx

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