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Contrast Sensitivity Function Comparing the use and accuracy of an arcade game for Measuring the Contrast Sensitivity Function.ABSTRACTA new method of assessing vision known as the Contrast Sensitivity Function (CSF) has emerged. It is important to measure the sensitivity of the visual system for humans and other animals as it offers information regarding individual visual function capabilities. Contrast Sensitivity testing complements and extends the assessment of visual function performed in traditional acuity tests.A computer program ?Gabori Attack? was used among 10 participants to test the use and accuracy of an arcade game to measure the CSF.

Methodical limitations prompt the expectation that the method will not be as accurate as previous methods.Practical applications include the changes in vision with age and reasons for this to occur. The most widely used measure of visual resolution is visual acuity. Acuity is based on the size of the smallest detail in a visual target. The value of visual acuity measurements is well proven for correcting refractive errors. However a limitation is that individual variation in standard measurements of visual acuity is rarely able to predict individual variation in performance, such as target detection and identification (Ginsburg, 1983).

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