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Continuing with the Executive BranchVisit this website and answer the questions below: 1. Play by the Rulebooka. Where is the President’s job description?In the constitution.b. Click on the Constitution picture on the right. How long is the term of office for a President?4 Yearsc. Towards the bottom, it has the exact sentence all Presidents must say when they are sworn into office. Copy it below.2. Setting the Agendaa. What is the State of the Union speech and how often must the President give it?b. Click on the picture. Which president was the first to broadcast the State of the Union speech on the radio? Write a sentence explaining why it might be important to have the speech on radio or TV.3. Serious Businessa. Click on the photo of Trump. Describe two things you see the president doing in the slideshow. Explain how each activity relates to his job as president.4. Not Alonea. What is the name of the President’s group of advisors?b. How many departments are there today?c. Click on the picture. Who is Trump’s Secretary of State? ___________________ Secretary of Defense?______________________5. Carrying Out Lawsa. From the first paragraph, give one example of how the executive branch carries out the laws.b. Click on the picture. Which department deals with job training, safe working conditions, and the minimum wage?c. Which department protects America’s natural resources?d. Decide which of the 15 departments you would be most interested in running and explain why.6. Pets Welcomea. Click on the picture. Which of the Presidents’ pets is your favorite and why?Finally, go to this website that lists all of the Independent Agencies that are a part of the Executive Branch. (It’s not just the Cabinet!) Write down two agency names you have heard of before.The Judicial BranchVisit this site and answer the questions below: 1. A court is Borna. How many courts did the Constitution create?b. Click on the picture to see a transcript of the Constitution. Scroll down until you find Article III. Read the beginning of Section 1. According to the Constitution, who has the power to create federal courts that are below the Supreme Court?2. Authority of the Courtsa. Each court has authority over certain types of crimes. What is the vocabulary word for that?b. Click on the picture and scroll to the third chart. List one type of case for the Federal Court and one for the State courts.Federal Court-State Court-3. State Courts Systema. The description here lists 5 or 6 types of courts that are state courts. Write down four of them.4. Federal District Courtsa. How many district courts are there in the United States?b. Click on the picture. Scroll down to the chart on US District Courts. List the four in California.c. Click on California Southern. What city is pictured?5. Federal Courts of Appeala. What is the purpose of the Court of Appeals?b. How many “circuits” are there?c. Click on the picture. What circuit do we live in?6. The Highest court in the Landa. Who nominates Supreme Court Justices?b. Who approves those nominations?c. Click on the link; who is the current Chief Justice?

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