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The Connecticut Department of Public Health is the health care agency that serves the inhabitants of Connecticut. This particular agency does this through its mission of averting illnesses, injures, and disabilities, fostering of health in terms of physical and mental aspects, and guaranteeing that the situation promote and maintain the health of the people (“About Us”). In line with this, the said agency provides several services for the public.

Among the important functions of the CDPH includes that of water testing, test for AIDS, milk testing, anthrax tests, and newborn screening tests. It is the function of the Drinking Water Section to ensure that the public is served with safe water that is why certification has become a part of the requirements for points of treatment and distribution for water (“Operator Certification Program”). The certification ensures that employees handling the related tasks are qualified (“Operator Certification Program”).

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Aside from this, testing for HIV/AIDS is also provided with the funding from the Department of Public Health and has the goals of identifying and preventing the spread of disease (“HIV Counseling and Testing Sites”). Likewise, tests are also done for newborn babies before they are sent home or on the 4th day (“For Your Baby’s Health”). This is to aid in identifying newborn diseases that could be addressed at an early stage (“For Your Baby’s Health”).On the other hand, anthrax testing and milk testing are done by the agency in order to assure the public through vital information as to the extent of the problem related to the threats found in milk and in anthrax-related cases.

The CDPH is considered as a health care agency that overlooks the health of the people in Connecticut through both active and preventive measures such as testing and certification. Through this, the organization is able to successfully assure the health condition of the people. Works Cited About Us. 4 October 2007.

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