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Congenital Heart Disease

The article “Control Study of Preschool Development after Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease” provides thorough research of intellectual impairment in children suffering from congenital heart disease. The article provides thorough examination of the causes, possibilities and consequences and therefore it has caught attention. Apparent strength of the article is that it leads through abundant data presented to persuade readers that the problem has to be resolved. The authors are rather persuasive, because they use results of previous researches, logical arguments, conclusions and to defend their position.

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The method of the experiment was the following: three groups of children were assessed before the treatment process and after a year treatment course. Groups of children suffering from congenital heart disease was awaiting surgery, whereas the second was waiting for bone marrow transplantation and the third groups was healthy. The authors have made the conclusion that “intellectual development in older children suffering from congenital heart disease do not apply to preschool children”. It is found out that chronic illness has the profound influence on intellectual development. Short outcomes are thus associated with cyanotic and acyanotic lesions.

Actually the article is of great importance, because it aims at problem solving and improving the health care service. It is necessary to outline that findings presented in the article significantly contributes the evidence that congenital disease is a series problem among children, because it may lead to intellectual impairment and less efficient development. It is apparent that the aim of the study is to determine whether previous finding can be applied to preschool children. The article sheds light on the complex effects of chronic illnesses in intellectual development of preschool and older children. Therefore, the article is really worth reading, because this problem affects not only the USA, but also many countries in the world.


Wray, J. & Sensky, T. (1999, June). Control Study of Preschool Development after Surgery for Congenital Heart Disease. Arch Dis Child, 80, 511-516.

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