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Today, demand of electrical power is getting
more. Because of limitations of conventional sources of energy, it is required
to generate electricity by alternate way. One of the solutions of this issue is to get electricity using
thermo electrical effect. Many scientists of world applied their research on
Thermo electric principle. By this techniques,
we can utilized the waste heat at free of cost which are exhausted in
atmosphere. Thermo electric effect in which Cold and Hot medium are passed on
different side of thermoelectric plate. Due to temperature difference
electric power is generated. TEG has no mechanical moving part, hence
it is less costly.

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Present method for electricity
generation is converting thermal energy into mechanical energy by turbine then
into electricity by using generator. Burning of these fuels causes
environmental problem like radio activity pollution, global warming. Hence (coal, oil,
gas) are the limiting resources resulting new technology is needed. The system
gives the best economical pollution free, required energy solution to the people.

Because of some
limitations of TEG like Low energy conversion rate, slow technological
Progression, Requires relatively constant heat
source it has limited applications however
by several studies have provided support to me for giving suggestion for the Scope of the
future work are as follows:

Include Fin Effect to
increase cooling rate (cold end side temperature). By reducing the
temperature as we can increase the ( Th-Tc)

By using proper heat sink
material help to increase the output voltage.

Using long fin and avoid
accumulation of heat in between fins (Gape between fins)

Coupling more TEG in SERIES
connection to increase the voltage generated by TEG

Increase no. of modules in TEG to increase
power generation and Increase the size to increase heat withstanding capacity.

By using multiple stages of
TEGs both the high temperature with standing TEG and low temperature with
standing TEGs

 Use different types of heat with standing
materials for making TEG modules. For example Bi2Te3,PbTe,CMO Bi2Te3-
Bismuth Telluride PbTe-Led Telluride CMO- Calcium Manganese Oxide

  Bi2Te3 module TEG is high efficient in
room temperature (50 c-200 c, 4.5%-6%)

PbTe and CMO modules less
efficient than Bi2Te3

 So use combination of both material,
Which means multistage Hot side Th area use PbTe and CMO modules
after that less temperature area Tc use Bi2Te3 module TEG.

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