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Comprehending learning materials can be a difficulty
for several students, especially for those who need more time to understand the
materials given by the teacher. However, the teacher cannot force every student
to have the same ability to comprehend the materials at the same time. There is
a learning strategy that can be used to help students to comprehend the
learning materials called learning journal. This strategy will help students to
keep a record of what they had learned in the class, so they can use it as a
tool to review the previous materials. Therefore, there are several stages of
applying learning journal as a strategy to help students in comprehending the
learning materials, such as rethinking, associating, and rewriting, and

first stage that the students need to do is rethinking. In this stage, the
students have to rethink the topic of the previous learning material in the
class. Also, they have to rethink of what they have studied on that day, things
that they understand and do not understand, their difficulties related to the
materials, and their opinions toward the subject, the teacher, and the
teaching-learning activities.

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second stage is associating the whole information that the students receive.
The students will be able to gather the information of the learning materials
that they have learned on that day. Moreover, not only can the students use
their comprehension, notes, but also other sources to complete their learning
journals so that they can use it to comprehend the learning materials easily.

gathering the information about learning materials, the third stage is
reflecting the students’ knowledge and comprehension by rewriting it in the
learning journal. The students need to write started from the topic, date, and
things that they have associated before related to the materials. The students
can also write what they have done to solve their difficulties related to the
materials. However, writing learning journal will help the students to keep a
record of the previous learning materials.

last stage of applying learning journal as a strategy to help students to
comprehend learning materials is evaluating both the students and the teacher.
The students need to evaluate what they have learned, and what they need to do
in order to help them comprehend the learning materials better. Besides, after
receiving the learning journal from the students, the teacher has to evaluate
what the students’ need and difficulties in comprehending the learning
materials. Immediately, he/she will be able to improve the teaching-learning
process to support the students’ comprehension.

            By following those stages of
applying learning journal, the learning materials will be easier to be
comprehended because the students already have the records of every material in
every meeting. They will be able to solve their difficulties as soon as
possible while writing learning journal that they can look for other sources or
ask questions to the teacher. Moreover, what they need to comprehend the
learning materials have been provided by the teacher since they submit their
learning journals to the teacher at the next meeting. Thus, the teacher can use
it as a reflection to improve the teaching-learning activities better so that
the students will more enjoy participating in the class.


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