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In my assignment, I will discuss the following with regards to nutrition:- The Functions of food The value of food types and factors which effect the energy requirements of individuals.

I will examine the role of each type of fat and fatty acid with relation to health and effects of deficiency and excess intake of fat To examine the functions, sources, deference symptoms and effects of fat soluble and water soluble vitaminsTo examine the functions, source, deficiency symptoms of minerals To distinguish between essential and non essential amino acids To compare protein content of foods derived from plants and animal sources To discuss food labelling To test foods for presence of fats and proteins Functions of Food Food is required by the body to enable it to perform four main functions:- Energy, Growth and repair, regulation and protection. With out these functionsbeing provided for we would become ill and eventually die. Nutrients with in food can help aid some or all of these functions, nutrients are broken down into six different types, each with benefits to the body.

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Carbohydrates These are the main energy source for the brain, They are macromolecules consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. carbohydrates come in two main types complex and simple carbohydrates.

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