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Competitive School Environments Competitive School EnvironmentsCompetition exists in many, many aspects of life, from sports, school, jobs, and even friends. In different situations competition is imperative and important and in other situations it can harm and be destructive. As a student a very competitive atmosphere is not a healthy way to learn. Being in a competitive environment encourages students to not help each other, to resent others and does not encourage students to become friends.

One of the most important reasons competition can be harmful is that students are encouraged not to help one another. If a student needs help on an assignment or exam, another student would be less likely to help as they will be helping that person get a higher mark. The student who helped is less likely to get in, or stay in the program now that others are doing better. Often students care too much about the competition than helping their peers. In a competitive environment students generally learn to resent the people in the class who achieve the higher grades. In classes there are always the people who seem to do extremely well in everything they do. In a non students, competitive, environment, help, program, people, student, less, friends, together, school, likely, competition, very, stay, situations, resent, peers, others, making, learn, important, higher, helping, healthy, friendships, each, doing, come, close, class, become, atmosphere, another, year, while, welcoming, way, upon, turn, through, tend, studying, stick, spot, sports, social, smarter, smart, seem

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