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A good education is something we all need in life. There are two levels of education I find very different: High school, and college. Many people may think they’re alike, but I find them distinct. After graduating high school, and now being a college student, I noticed how different they both are.

Some of these differences are: the attitude of both students and teachers, the rules that apply to students, and the different level of work expected by teachers. To begin with, the attitude of teachers toward students in high school differs a lot from the attitude of instructors toward college students.It’s been clear to me that high school teachers are much stricter, such as with following school rules, and turning in assignments.

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I always felt like I was getting pushed to accomplish things in high school. I also remembered having rules such as, no eating or drinking in class. Chewing gum during class was never allowed. In college, instructors are very different.

You are treated like an adult. The instructors in college expect you to do the work and aren’t constantly pushing you to do assignments.They expect you to have assignments done; you either do it or fail. The rules in college are also very different. You’re allowed to eat or drink during class. Even be on your cell phone.

The atmosphere of classrooms in high school differs from the classrooms in college. Students are much more mature in college, and take their studies more serious. For example, when it comes to exams or assignments; some high school students don’t take such things seriously while other high school students do.Most college students are up to date with their assignments and take time to study for important exams. Even though high school teachers are strict, this doesn’t seem to change how seriously high school students take their assignments. Also high school students aren’t expected to score high on exams and aren’t loaded with as much work as college students. Since this is coming from personal experience, I actually think there is a lot more work given in college then in high school.

Your level of expectations in college is much higher than they are in high school. I personally enjoy college. And am glad I accomplished high school and am now able to attend college. Like I said, we all need an education.

A good education will open many doors for us in the future. Since I attended both high school and college I can say they are both very different. Am sure any future college students will enjoy college as much as I do. But they will also notice how much college differs from high school.

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