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Comparing and Contrasting of Computers Abstract This paper will compare and contrast three computers to pitch an idea to upgrade the computers in this organization so that the consumer can help with growth, decrease cost and keep up with the technique. This will go over cost, reliability, and power. In the conclusion you will find the computer that fits the organization. In reviewing the three computers that will be covered are the Toshiba Satellite IPPP, Dell ire Inspires and HP New DTV.Information will be provided to help the nonuser to review and understand functions of that computer. Comparing the reliability, power, and price of the three different computers allows the consumer to determine the best choice. The Toshiba Satellite IPPP has superior performance for editing and creating video or Just to enjoy music the quad-core 17 processors, BIB of RAM, and a 1 TAB hard drive which provides enough storage to keep all movies, pictures and music on it.

This computer cost is $979. 97 and is rank number seven on the bestseller list for 2013.The Dell ire is similar to that of the Toshiba Satellite IPPP but it a third generation Intel core 17 processor which makes application run with any lag. This computer has 2. GHz with Turbo up to 3. 1 GHz and with BIB of RAM.

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Costing least than the Toshiba Satellite at cost of $695. 00 will be more cost efficient and is ranked number nine on the bestseller list for 2013. The last computer for review is the HP New DTV. Like the Dell the HP is also a third generation processor its Intel core 17 processor has a core speed of 2. GHz of speed boost that an ramp it up to 3. GHz ad this makes for quick load times for programs even for graphic heavy games and photo editing software and as an extra the computer can be set for extra boost of speed. However the cost of this computer is $749.

99 and this computer is ranked number one on the bestseller list of 2013. Looking over each review the three computers are very similar in reliability and power but cost varied. The more cost efficient computer was the Dell IL OR with cost of $695. 00 which was not a bad deal and had great quality.The winning choice would be the HP New DTV its cost was more by upgrades would not be needed to in the future for speed. This computer would be the better choice for the consumer because it would fit whatever need that needed to meet for the consumer.

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