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This is an issue because over the past century our ocean temps and river temps have been on the rise, higher ocean temps can cause natural disasters like hurricanes, and higher river temps can have a huge impact to our wild life, although most people don’t see the big picture this is a huge problem, The emissions and carbon dioxide affect our ozone witch scientists believe is the reason why our ocean levels are getting higher and hotter, but also the temps outside, every year it gets hotter and hotter.A simple example people have killed themselves by carbon dioxide, and we continue to use it to pollute our air. This issue I believe is a worldwide problem because most countries are over populated and with over population come pollution, our ozone should be protected do to the fact its the only thing protecting us from the suns IV rays, and from cooking the planet.Leading problems causing this issue are emissions of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels, what some people don’t understand is this is a chain reaction, this may be a small problem but what it is doing now is causing other small problems ND in time those small problems will continue with other types of natural resources, the air pollution is being affect by emissions but also by the fact we cut them down to build a housing track or a mall you name it.Our nation has tried to put laws in to place to protect our resources but companies making the vehicles are making an attempt to make clean air emissions cars and buses, along with our everyday use of heavy equipment, along with natural resources being protected by the government to try to start a plan to protection of valuable resources we cannot go on without.

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