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It is often said that in the end tragedies leave the audience more satisfied than comedies. This is particularly wrong in most movies because comedies show life in a different perspective than tragedies do.

Comedies often have a different impact on the audience simply because of the way tragedy is portrayed in comedies. Comedies are very popular for making the audience laugh, which is the most powerful expression of feelings. Comedies also show the audience true life, in a way that the audience feels attracted to the movie therefore making them satisfied.These three reasons are to be analyzed to prove that comedies leave the audience more satisfied than tragedies. “Doglegged: a true underdog story’ directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber is one of the funniest comedy movies of all time, it is not because of Vince Vaughn playing the protagonist, but because of the laughs brought by the movie.

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This is without a doubt one of the funniest movies in the comedy genre. The movie does an excellent Job in affecting the audience with a powerful feeling, the feeling of amusement, pleasure, and laughter.The feeling brought by the movie leaves audience happier than a tragedy would simply because of the fact that the audience is able to leave the movie with a smile on their face. “Happy Gilmore” directed by Dennis Dugan is among the most extremely successful comedies in the late ass, despite the fact that it is an old movie, it still does an amazing Job at portraying comedy in a way very few movies have been able to do in the past.

This movie portrays tragedy in a very comedic manner.Gilmore has what most people would call an “anger management problem” but at the same time it leaves the audience not feeling sorry for the character but instead it makes them feel satisfaction and pleasure. The fact that someone has a mental illness is not funny at all but the way the movie depicts it is. The way a tragedy is shown affects the audience’s satisfaction; it is better to leave the movie happy than sad and depressed. “Big Daddy’ directed by Dennis Dugan does an excellent Job at depicting true life.

Despite the movie being a comedy, it shows the life of a man named Sonny, who gains the experience of being a father after taking care of a five year old. The man gradually matures through taking care of the five year old but at the same time the comedy is found after failing time after time. The man has never taken care of a child before but it is exactly this that makes for a successful comedy. The fact that at the beginning, he fails so many times and is the worst possible parent is what leaves the audience satisfied because it wows true life.The way Sonny did not know about parenting and failing so many times is the same thing that happens in real life, no one is born knowing how to take care of a child but they learn through trial and error. Eve much like life itself, you don’t learn unless by experience. In conclusion comedies are far more satisfying than tragedies because of the fact that tragedies are depicted very differently than comedies. Instead of a plot being sad and at times even boring, comedies do it a way hat the audience can feel pleasure towards the plot and the ending.

The way a person feels about the movie is very important for their satisfaction, if the audience leaves sad and depressed it is very likely that they did not feel satisfied. But if the leave with a smile on their face, it shows a completely different feeling. Comedies also Intense TTY real Tie In a way Tanat makes people react Transiently tan tragedies. When a comedy makes a remark on true life it does it in a way that the audience is bound to be not only entertained but also captivated.

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