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Global Impact Categories Under the categories of global impact, three common criteria are referenced, which are resource depletion, green house effect and depletion of ozone layer. Resource Depletion The major source of the resource depletion is coming from the use of copper, zinc, aluminum, oil, and other resources. The direct effect of the resource depletion is the reduction of the resource abundant of the future generation. Green House Effect Depletion of Ozone Layer Regional Impact Categories The regional impacts are commonly consisting of four components, namely, ozone formulation, acidification, deterioration and persistent toxicity.Ozone Formulation Acidification Deterioration Persistent Toxicity From the above, nine factors are generated and they are greenhouse effect, depletion of ozone layer, acidification, deterioration, heavy metals, carcinogens, winter smog, summer smog and pesticides. Environmental Impacts With the guidance from the previous chapter, which is the definition of the evaluation scheme, the evaluation or analysis of the environmental factors under the process of producing filter coffee machine can be undergone.

With the special extra care to the health issue the comprehensive review during the manufacturing process can be generated. From the above analysis, the most damaging material would be the polystyrene. From the survey conducted by Lugubrious University [ (Lighthouse University, 2004) l, the polystyrene can be replaced by paper, ND the analysis to the nine selected factors can be quantized by figure.Social Measures From the above, it can be seen that the significant impact would be inserted to the fragile environmental system. In the chapter, the social measures would be discussed. With the inclusion of the benefit resulting from the decrement of the environ mental impacts, the justification Of the imposing for the environmentally friend policy can be justified.

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From the analysis, it can be deduced that the reuse and recycling of the coffee machine is a good social measures for the environmental protection.

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