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Coke Category Frequency 199 201 From ten Lustrously tattled above, we unreason Tanat 30 Bottles out AT ten total tootles from the random sample are packed with 200 ml or more than 200 ml and 20 bottles are packed less than 200 ml, from this sample we can derive that more number of bottles are on the customer satisfaction scale than on the other side.

The histogram shows us that less than only three bottles out of the sample was filled below 199. 4 ml. Above shown is the Box Plot of the random sample taken for the Study it shows the spread of data between the first quartile and the third quartile. It also shows the majority of the data lies between Q and Q. The red dot on the chart denotes the mean, the line dividing the box is the median. This plot shows us that the only few bottles were filled below ml and majority were above the 200 ml.

CONCLUSION: The above mentioned report shows us that the variance amongst the filled bottles exist. But with a positive result towards the customer satisfaction scale showing us that Majority of the bottles were filled above 200 ml and the bottles with filled with less than 199. 825 ml comprises less than 25% of the entire random sample data. Hence the overall variance in bottling or filling Coke bottles in their Company Russia is more beneficial to the customer.

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