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Co-branding is when two or more brand names are presented simultaneously to the consumer (Grebosz, 2013). Co-branding is also about having at least two brands collaborating in a marketing context such as advertising, product development, product placement or distribution (Sreejesh, 2012). It is best used when there is added value to the co-branded product, where a single brand would not be able to achieve on its own (Helmig, et al, 2008). This, according to signalling theory, a branding strategy can be highly effective due to the strength of one brand could be leveraged for the co-branded product in areas where the second brand lacks and vice versa. Research shows in pairing complementary brands, consumers’ perceptions of an unknown brand, as well as the co-branded product, are enhanced when paired with a well-known brand without diminishing the reputation of the superior brand (Helmig et al., 2008).

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