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When you think of cloning, what comes to your mind Is it of a person unnaturally identical to you Well I will let you in on a secret, cloning DNA will not produce an identical person. Your personalities will be different so will your talents. In fact, identical twins are more alike then a clone would be. Plus cloning goes beyond this. It provides hope to infertile couples, or gay couples or even single women who wish to start a family. It would bring optimism to patients with harsh burns, or those in need of transplants as well as save animal species from becoming extinct.

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Cloning will improve the quality of science and life. It is a key that can open up endless possibilities for the future. People will be able to live longer lives in good health. Cloning is not just the process of making an identical person but it is so much more. Mike West, a scientist, believes through cloning, he will be able to cure old age. It will be possible to eliminate wrinkles without plastic surgery. And through

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